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Adventure Park and GoCart Track at Knox and Greenfield.
« on: March 04, 2021, 05:27:37 PM »
Also posted on ( )  regarding the SanTan Adventure Park to include a go cart track that has been proposed at the south west corner of Knox and Greenfield(SanTan Village Parkway). 

The Proposal was discussed briefly in the last Greenfield Lakes HOA meeting. Very little information was yet available but there were several homeowners significantly concerned about the Noise/light pollution and more concerned about the negative effect this park will have on property value ( as addressed further down in this post).  I was able to find the Planning Commission Report from Feb 3 2021 listed below>
  I have emailed that link to the planning commission report to Harman Cadis, the Primary with Focus HOA management , he indicated he is going to forward the information the the HOA Board.

The planning commission report is available here:

It is listed as Item 2 of the Agenda:
DR20-182 SanTan Adventure Park* (82 MB)

The report is 57 pages long, it loads very slowly viewing it online, i would suggest you download it as a PDF to view it completely, it is very detailed.

To summarize:
"SAP  Holdings,  LLC  is  proposing  an  outdoor  family  entertainment  center  located  at  the southwest corner of SanTan Village Parkway and Knox Road just east of the Crossroads Park through  a  lease  agreement  with  the  Town  of  Gilbert. 

SanTan  Adventure  Park  will  be constructed in two phases on 4.55 net acres. 
The first phase will be 2.4 acres and consist of  an  18-hole  miniature  golf  course,  22-kart  go-kart  racing track,  a  splash  pad  and concession stand with applicable structures and theme theatrics.

The future 2nd phase will be an extension of the adventure park,the design is undetermined at this time.

The site is part of the existing AZ Ice facility and Crossroads Park with existing access from Knox  Road,  the  parking  lot  will  be  shared  by  the  two  facilities  and  SAP  Holdings,  LLC  has entered into a parking agreement as part of the lease with the Town of Gilbert for the shared parking. "

At the time of the last HOA meeting there was speculation that the park had already been approved, i could not find a reason to believe that is the case and  ,  in the commission report on page 4 it states:

"The project is currently in review and therefore additional comments, beyond what are presented in this report may be brought forward for discussion during the study session meeting."

Additionally, a response on the post on nextdoor a resident has added the following:

No public hearing yet; you still have a voice with the Planning Commission before it goes to the Council.  If the Town Council approves this will the FIRST outdoor go-kart track in the state of Arizona to be built near housing.  Out of 150 tracks in the 5 adjoining Southwestern states, ZERO are near ONE housing development; this site has TWO. 

A $30,000 home value deduction will automatically apply to the 70-80 affected homes, just as if it was high-tension wires being added 20 years after the homes were built.  A real estate appraiser might view a maximum height allowed flaming volcano mini-golf course with a 22-kart go-kart track as a negative on quality of life due to noise and light pollution 7-days a week, over 350 days a year. 

This would be an excellent addition to Gilbert, but it belongs in the Gilbert Regional Park, not in an existing neighborhood where Gilbert residents would take a $3,000,000 hit on their home values.

A few of the images from the proposal, keep in mind that the first rendering only show the proposed phase 1 of the project that will be built on the south side of the lot and Phase to and what will be developed is yet to be revealed.

It unclear as to how many residents of Greenfield lake or Cottonwood crossing to our west are aware of this proposed park,.
This project will affect all residents some  more than others but all should be aware so they can act accordingly if they so choose.
 I believe the greenfield lakes HOA board will address this in an upcoming newsletter.

I Emailed the Senior Planner at the commission and received this:

"Thank you for reaching out to the town with your questions.  The Design Review case DR20-182 for Santan Adventure Park is currently under a 2nd review.  It is proposed to go to a Planning Commission Public Hearing April 7, 2021 but that date has not been confirmed yet.

As part of the design review process a public notice is required to be sent out to property owners 300’ around the subject site property lines and 1,000 feet distance for HOA’s at least 15 days prior to the meeting.  A sign is also posted on the site with the hearing date.  Citizens can attend the public hearing virtually or in person and provide comments.

Citizens can also provide comment by email at any time and I can provide a copy of the email as part of the staff report for the commissioners to review.  Let me know if you have any further questions regarding the design review case, thank you.


Stephanie Bubenheim
Senior Planner
Development Services "

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Re: Adventure Park and GoCart Track at Knox and Greenfield.
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2021, 10:42:22 AM »
To reiterate my concern about the towns plan to notify:

"public notice is required to be sent out to property owners 300’ around the subject site property lines and 1,000 feet distance for HOA’s at least 15 days prior to the meeting.."

I created a somewhat simplistic graphical representation of the distances the town has mentioned:

 On this map the yellow circles indicate withing a few feet the homes within 300 feet of the perimeter of the proposed parks property line:
Not many homes will be directly notified.

The red lines are 1000 feet , clearly it will only be Greenfield Lakes and Cottonwood crossing that the town notifies , and then with only 15 days until the hearing, hardly enough time to act.

I know Greenfield lakes HOA and Board are aware and addressing the situation in an upcoming mailer.
What about the  property management company and board for Cottonwood Crossing? 

 Again, "at least 15 days"( how likely we will get more than 15 days notice?) notice to affected homes and the respective boards is hardly time to get anything disseminated to the homeowners.

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Re: Adventure Park and GoCart Track at Knox and Greenfield.
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If you haven't please sign the Petition to STOP Santan Adventure Park and the 22 Gasoline powered GoCarts that will run 15-16 hours a day 7 days a week:
Learn more:
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