Author Topic: Focus HOA Managment replaces Renaissance Property Management  (Read 3284 times)


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Focus HOA Managment replaces Renaissance Property Management
« on: January 05, 2021, 01:20:12 PM »
Renaissance Property Management has been replaced by Focus HOA Management:

Focus HOA Management  <click here

Focus Community Login page  <click here

you can acquire your personal community login information by contacting the community managers Naomi or Harman at Focus:

or via email:

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bill hutter

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Re: Focus is Newest Property Managment Company
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2021, 10:42:55 AM »

I am a homeowner within Greenfield Lakes and was present, via ZOOM, when the Landscaping contracts were reviewed and discussed at last weeks meeting. Each applicant/landscaping representative was provided with a set time slot to providing our board with their proposals and provide information from questions the Board presented to each Representative. The questions to ask each Landscaping company was discussed by the Board and provided to each proposing Landscaping Representative.

Upon conclusion of these proposals, the Board thanked each Representative and removed them from the meeting. The Board then discussed each proposal and talked between themselves over issues ranging from cost to specific needs of our HOA. A Board member did ask the Focus Management Company in asking their perspective as the Management Company does work with other HOA's.

Focus did advise the Board that is best the Property Management Company will remain neutral and not reply to questions. However, they will provide information when  the Board reaches a decision.

The Board then opened the Meeting to Homeowners, of which I myself did chime in. I advised the first two Representatives were not open to expanding their answers but to answer in shorty sentences. The third was questionable, but the last two were very open and loved to talk about their company and I felt we would of still been in the meeting as these two representatives just kept talking and were proud of their company.

Overall, the Board and our HOA Property Management rep. property ran the meeting in a professional manner.

Yes, it would of been nice, to knowing of Focus having a business relationship with one of the Companies at this meeting. However, at no time did Focus interrupt or provide any information to persuading the Board from selecting one Landscaping Company over another.

thank you
Bill Hutter